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by Fit2FightBack

Kidnap-Proof Woman
Part of: 
Women Revolution Method

Isolation is often the main goal for the bad guy. Once that's achieved he can do whatever he wants to his victim. Don't get Kidnapped/RELOCATED as relocation leads to ISOLATION...

Sexual Assaults Destroyer
Military Escape Methods for Women

Part of: 
Women Revolution Method

There are many ways to DESTROY a sexual assault way before you are on your back and the guy is on top of you, but... the best thing is even if you are already in that situation, seemingly defenceless, there are almost magical ways to hurt him and escape.

The rapist makes sooo many 'mistakes' that you will be shocked to learn how easy it is to take advantage of them all...

Strategic Unfair Advantage

Part of: 
Women Revolution Method
...let's face it, if you are a woman, you have NO CHANCE against most men's size and strength... 
That's until we show you exactly what advantages you have as a woman and how to use them. 

Uncovering the SECRETS of Hidden Positions, LLRR Sequence or Superpower Vision trick for women will prevent you from making the same mistakes thousands of women automatically make in Sexual Attacks, Kidnappings or Deadly situations. 

As a result, they get overpowered by the strength of their attacker instead of using their secret and powerful advantages they have as women to overpower him.

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