We Will Give You The Most Modern Fighting & Fitness Training


We Will Give You The Most Modern Self Defence & Fitness Training

Krav Maga Oxford

FIT2FIGHTBACK Krav Maga top international Modern Martial Arts training provider with public training centre in Oxford.

We are certified by both British Combat Association and Krav Maga Global. Top governing bodies of martial arts in the UK and authentic KRAV MAGA authority in the World.

We also provide training to the most prestigious private schools in Oxford and Oxford University. 


Most frequent questions and answers

That’s more than ok!
First of all, most guys who join us have never trained anything before, and very quickly become awesome. 

In many cases not training before is even better as you don’t have bad habits. With our training you will be surprised how fast your fighting skills will skyrocket with Krav Maga Training in Oxford. We change kind and nice guys into kind and nice fighters!

You are in the perfect place. Most people who join us are in similar situation. Training at Fit2FightBack will make you fitter! 

Waiting to get fit before training with us is like washing your car before going to a carwash! It doesn’t make sense. Join us and you will get fit sooner than you think.

Yep, we know what you mean and we don’t like them too. Somehow we only attract the normal guys (and would get rid of any ego driven idiots anyway.)

If you are a normal, intelligent guy who wants to learn the most modern and effective fighting style for the right reasons and is kind and protective towards others, you will make a lot of good friends with likeminded people at Fit2FightBack.

We know what videos of unprofessional weird training you are referring to. We have seen it too. 
You are way more likely to get injured playing football than training with us. (That’s due to the body to body collisions when running in football games.) As a matter of fact we have a perfectly clean record regarding injuries in training.

Good news: our track record of black eyes and busted lips is perfectly clean. Interestingly enough that was my biggest concern when I started training 10 years ago.

I can report no black eyes in my training ever. Especially that we use face protection whenever we want to pick up some speed in training.
We really pay attention to safety and make the training safe, progressive and enjoyable.

That’s awesome, you will accelerate very fast. Krav Maga has ‘stolen’ the best techniques and strikes from all the Martial Arts and fighting sports and added Military Techniques, VIP protection, Defences against knife attacks, training against multiple opponents street attacks.

What you trained already will be very useful. The whole system you could describe as MMA for the street protection. MMA for the situations where there are no rules and no referee to stop the fight.
We have many people who switched to us from other Martial Arts.

That’s totally your choice. First of all, most of the learning and training is done on training pads, you can kick them, punch them, even bite them if you want to and they won’t hit you back : ) But after a few months of training you will probably choose to join our friendly sparring sessions.

At Krav Maga Oxford training we will allow that, once you are past the beginner level or can prove to us that you have previous training experience, and have protective equipment. Then this is actually one of the most fun and enjoyable parts of the training.

Sure! If you miss your training you can catch up in another session within a month. We have 3 trainings a week to choose from in Oxford so we can give you flexibility.

If you can’t do your regular days one week or another you can switch them to another day of the week, anytime.

What you trained already will be very useful. The whole system you could describe as MMA for the street protection. MMA for the situations where there are no rules and no referee to stop the fight.
We have many people who switched to us from other Martial Arts.






Self Defence Oxford LOCATION

238 Marston Road, OX3 0EJ The 10th Scout Headquarters

Customers reviews

What People Say...

I would highly recommend FIT 2 FIGHT BACK to anyone.If you want superior self-defense/fighting training. In his program, Edmund, not only encompasses the physical aspects of self defense, but also the right mental attitude.
Everyone is made to feel welcome. Great for people looking for fitness in all age ranges.
Krav Maga Oxford Student
Franco Medici
I have joined several martial art schools through the years and this is by far the best. Excellent teaching quality that will benefit. 

The classes are based on real-life situations making it ideal for practical defense. VERY highly recommended!
Martial Arts
Nicolas Christou
I've been to a few of classes now, and as a beginner I have found them friendly and informative. Edmund is a great teacher, and focuses on practical techniques for self defence, starting at the very simplest. The lessons are great way to keep fit and I always look forward to the next session.
Krav Maga Oxford Student
Dan Picton
IT Specialist
I've been training for few months and I feel more prepared for any potential encounter than ever before. Great classes for people in all ranges of fitness, great friendly atmosphere.
Tomas Szymanczyk
I have been training Krav Maga for over 5 years now and I have been with various companies. However, I can confidently say that fit2fightback is by far the most professional, experienced and enjoyable training I have had. 
I think the main difference that I have observed is that they genuinely care about each and every person who attends their classes, and they are passionate about teaching people quick and effective self defense in a wide range of real life scenarios. 

I would highly recommend Fit2FightBack, to men or women, young or old, who want to learn how to defend themselves, have fun and build self confidence.
Krav Maga Oxford
Ben File
Real Estate Agent
Having trained in karate, kung fu and wrestling over the years, I was keen to give Krav Maga a try in Oxford. Fit2FightBack have been awesome - excellent tuition and everyone is super friendly. Highly recommended.
Oxford Martial Arts
Paul Green
IT Consultant

Edmund Sobczak

Expert Krav Maga Instructor
Director and Chief Instructor at FIT2FIGHTBACK

Krav Maga Oxford Expert Instructor
Digital Design
Expert Level Krav Maga Fighting Skills 100%
Coaching/Teaching Skills 100%

Trains Civilians, Police and Military Personnel

Our Krav Maga Oxford
Pro Instructors Team


Self Defence Oxford Fit2FightBack Instructor

 David Stribling


Highly skilled W3, enthusiastic and effective Modern Self Defence Krav Maga Instructor, born and raised in Oxford. Probably the nicest person you will ever meet. Also an active Boxer who fights and competes regularly.  Sport Specialised First Aid Qualifications. Enhanced DBS Check

Self Defence AssistantInstructor Oxford

 James Hewett


Highly skilled P5, enthusiastic and effective Modern Self Defence Krav Maga Instructor. Born Martial Artist with life long experience in various fighting sports but above all a great human being. Sport Specialised First Aid Qualifications. Enhanced DBS Check

Self Defence for Women Oxford

Alicia Velascoin


Highly skilled W1, enthusiastic and effective Modern Self Defence Krav Maga Instructor. Sport Specialised First Aid Qualifications. Enhanced DBS Check. Seems like the sweetest person ever so as a result it’s exciting to see her fighting skills in action.

Self Defence Women Assistant Oxford

 Holly Ashby


Highly skilled P3, enthusiastic and effective self Modern Self Defence Krav Maga AssistantSport Specialised First Aid Qualifications. Enhanced DBS Check. You would make friends with Holly in 5 minutes so you probably would never realised that’s she’s awesome at Krav Maga.  


We Will Give You The Most Modern Fighting & Fitness Training


We Will Give You The Most Modern Self Defence & Fitness Training


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